Travel Programme

**At the present time all school trips are on hold until further notice from the UK government.

School trips extend our students’ knowledge and understanding of the world and give them opportunities to develop their skills, awareness, confidence and initiative in practical ways and in an informal environment.

We offer a wide range of trips to students. Some are directly related to the curriculum or co-curriculum, some are designed to promote cultural awareness, to enhance communication or physical skills, or to develop self-reliance, leadership potential and team-work.

The following trips are planned for the rest of this year and beyond (link below). You will receive letters inviting applications for these trips but it might be useful for you to see what else is coming up in the near future. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of trips and limited time available, clashes are unavoidable. If you require information regarding a trip, please contact the relevant member of staff.

Travel Programme 2019