High Performance Athlete Programme 2022-2023

High Performance Athlete Programme (HPAP)

‘It is with great excitement that I take on the challenge of re branding our High Performance Programme here at Eltham College. My plan is for our students to understand and embrace the notion that a High Performance culture is not just about the desire to win, and winning itself, but to understand the process and the preparation that is required to achieve at the highest level and to build a lifelong ethos of success and excellence.’ Edward T. Thorogood. Head of High Performance Athlete Programme.

Stages of the Programme & Links to Junior School 

  • ECJS Emerging Talent programme (Years 4-6)  – Recognition of Junior School Talent leading to attendance at Senior School training and scholarship invite 
  • EC Junior Scholars Programme (Years 7 & 8)  – Broad programme to support entry level scholars & athletes in the pursuit of elite performance 
  • EC Scholarship Programme (Years 9-13)Broad programme to support scholars that have not reached elite level but remain invaluable to school sport 
  • EC Developing Excellence Pathway (Years 9-11)Detailed programme to support the development and performance of athletes on the route to excellence – entrance requirement to be published (County, Regional or International) 
  • EC Elite Performance Programme (Years 11-13)Detailed & Specific programme designed to support athletes that have reached elite sporting status – entrance requirement to be published (County, Regional or International) 


  • Outline clear expectations for all students at the level of the programme they have reached  
  • Communicate with parents as to what is expected of students and what we will provide at each level  
  • Communicate with students and parents as to which level athletes are at 
  • Provide written feedback to parents and athletes 

Individual tracking and Conditioning  

  • Have clear information on the level of performance in and outside of school for athletes 
  • Provide mentoring for all athletes 
  • Deliver conditioning sessions that are appropriate to the level of the programme reached – fine detail for DEP & EPP 
  • Carefully manage the workload and life balance of students, in particular DEP & EPP 

Sports Leaders, workshops, seminars, masterclasses and Trips  

  • Offer elite individual & small group sessions to EPP  
  • Utilise Sports leaders in specific sports to deliver workshops for DEP 
  • Offer seminars, masterclasses & trips to whole programme  

Links to high performance institutions and marketing  

  • Regular communication with DEP & EPP athletes sporting institutions 
  • Appropriate communication with outside sporting institutions – ETP, JSP & SP 
  • Work with DOS to appropriately market the HPAP to prospective and current students  


  • On time for meet & sort your travel
  • Correct kit – pride in colours 
  • Celebrate others and your success
  • Support the programme – watching, coaching & officiating where applicable 
  • No chat to officials 
  • Attend training
  • No negative vibes
  • Team comes first 
  • Be the best version of yourself 

 Mentor Week and Mentors

  • Students to contact mentors to set up meetings 
  • Clear targets for Michaelmas term to be agreed
  • Provide information regarding outside of school performance
  • Discuss life management to allow for academic and sporting life to be fulfilled 
  • Encourage a high level of communication with staff regarding performance and training 


Michaelmas Term
20 SeptemberIntroductory Evening
20-24 SeptemberMentor Week
28 SeptemberElite Athlete TalkAll yearsMr Giles
12 OctoberDoping in Sport TalkAll yearsMr Kelly
2 NovemberPsychology Seminar All yearsMr Thorogood
6 DecemberParent and Child Elite Athlete Rounded Development
Iain Brunnschweiler (Southampton FC)
Lent Term
17-21 January Mentor Week
24 January Basics of Nutrition Workshop All yearsChartwells
8 February Conditioning Seminar All yearsMr King
7 March Sport, Work and Lifestyle Management All yearsMiss Caudle
Summer Term
3-6 May Mentor Week
9 MaySelf motivation for Training All yearsMiss Harding
13 JuneAspiring Athlete Panel and BBQJake Owen, James Biss and Kemi Afolayan
4-7 July Mentor Week