All students study History in their form in Year 7 to 9 before it becomes an optional subject in Year 10 and 11. We realise that when students arrive at Eltham College they will have varying experiences of the subject so we try to offer the students a broad based History curriculum.

An effort has been made to frame a course of study covering British, European and world history as well as exposing students to different types of history- political, cultural, military, social and economic.

History department aims:

  • to encourage students to learn about the past in a variety of different ways. Group work, pair work, role-plays, the evaluation of primary evidence, class trials or historical debates are all used to encourage learning.
  • to set homework that will test a wide range of historical skills including note taking, essays, project work, preparation for role plays or debates and historical evidence and source work.


Year 7 to 9

In Year 7 to 9, students have three lessons a week of History and one piece of homework. The structure of the course is broadly chronological through the first three years at the school.

Year 7 Year 8
The Norman Conquest Richard III and the Princes in the Tower
Henry and Becket The War of the Roses
King John and the Magna Carta The Reformation in England
The Black Death The Spanish Armada
The Peasants Revolt Independent Research Project
The English Civil War
Year 9
The Agricultural Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The Causes of the First World War
The Events and Battles of the First World War
The Treaty of Versailles


History becomes an optional subject from Year 10 onwards though students have to do at least one Humanity subject at this stage.

All students complete the new Edexcel GCSE and will be awarded a grade following the terminal exams in Year 11. The course is broken into three exam papers covering a range of topics.

In Year 10, students will cover content on Weimar and Nazi Germany before moving to study the Cold War, before covering Elizabethan England and a module on Warfare through time in Year 11.

From Year 11, students are invited to attend the Senior History Society to broaden their understanding of History and learn from their peers in the school.

Trips, activities and clubs

  • Year 7 Trip to Dover Castle as part of Field Week.
  • Year 9 Trip to Ypres and the Somme region as part of Field Week


  • Mr D Grinstead BA (Head of History and Head of Chalmers)
  • Mr M Chesterton BA (Head of Moffat)
  • Mr M Wearn BA