Environment: Eco-Eltham

Eco-Eltham is a student-led organisation concerned with tackling environmental issues not only in the school but also the wider community also. Recent achievements include:

  • Won an Eco-Schools Bronze Award
  • Successfully implemented paper and plastic cup recycling schemes
  • Reduced our use of resources by introducing web-based communications with parents, a paperless daily bulletin and a printing quota for students
  • Cut energy waste by arranging automatic shut down on most PCs around the school and encouraging good practice of staff and students
  • Funded the adoption of two orangutans by recycling old mobile phones
  • Collected over 6,000 Christmas cards for recycling since 2008

Arguably the greatest achievement of Eco-Eltham is its success in bringing together all existing work on sustainable issues under one structure with a clear organisation. There’s no doubt that students at Eltham College are now more aware of environmental issues than ever before.

Eco-Eltham Day began in June 2010 and has continued every Summer Term since.