Lower School Academic Scholarship Twilight Programme 2017/18

Below are the options for Lower School Academic Scholarship Twilight Programme 2017/18.

The Universe – How do we know anything about it? Tuesday, 10 October – 4.00pm-5:30pm
Linguistic Study – To what extent are German and English related? Friday, 10 November – 4.00pm-5:30pm
DNA – An amazing molecule! Monday 22 January – 4.00pm-5:30pm
Politics – Where do I fit on the political spectrum? Thursday, 22 February – 4.00pm-5:30pm
Classical Philosophy – The Legacy of the Greek Philosophers Wednesday, 14 March – 4.00pm-5:30pm
Geography through Observation – What can we learn from a stroll around Eltham College?Thursday, 28 June – 4.00pm-5:30pm