Scholarship Programme Overview

The Scholarship Programme at Eltham College challenges students to think beyond the boundaries of subjects.  The programme encourages students to question and reflect, and to shift and broaden their academic horizons.

Through the programme, students are able to see links across subject, space and time.  These are crucial skills not only for those aspiring to the most competitive universities, but also invaluable in equipping students for life beyond that.

The bespoke programme for the academic scholars is in addition to the general opportunities for academic enrichment provided by the various departments.  Academic enrichment includes stretch and challenge in lessons, co-curricular clubs and societies, lectures and competitions, and guest presenters and visiting speakers.

Students in Year 9 and above who may not be scholars but have demonstrated ability, enthusiasm and a positive approach to scholarship in its broadest sense, can be invited to join the programme.

Each year group (Years 7-11) has an individual programme consisting of bi-weekly meetings organised by Mr Cavendish, the Head of Academic Scholarship. The sessions involve critical thinking modules, guest presentations from both other staff and external speakers and talks/presentations by Mr Cavendish specifically focusing on links across subjects.

In the Sixth Form, the Scholarship Programme consists of a similar range of talks, meetings and activities designed to broaden and challenge students’ thinking and to build on the work done in the earlier years.  Covid permitting, Sixth Form students will be involved in mentoring and leading subject clubs and societies and in actively demonstrating scholarly attributes in their broadest sense.

Academic Scholars are high achievers in class and lead the way in their form/year group in terms of their intellectual engagement.  They are expected to attend and participate enthusiastically in the programme.  Recent examples of the lectures are showcased below.