Our Philosophy

“That is the way to learn the most, when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes.”  Albert Einstein’s letter to his son Hans Albert, in November 1915 just before presenting his general theory of relativity to the Prussian Academy of Sciences.

The Eltham College Scholarship Programme Is the enjoyable exploration of challenging ideas, beyond the bounds of particular subjects or syllabuses and shaped by the thoughts of those who have gone before and those who shape learning presently, both peers and mentors.  The programme has many beneficial, practical and utilitarian benefits above its aim is to instil a love of learning.

Our Aims

The Programme aims to be challenging, liberating, collaborative and enjoyable and to keep our students Informed.

Why we have the Scholarship Programme at Eltham College

  • To offer our academic scholars the opportunity to be stretched and challenged beyond the limits of the curriculum
  • To help develop their own abilities and interests but to encourage them to inspire other students
  • To demonstrate our commitment as a school of fostering a love of learning
  • To involve a wide range of staff able to share their enthusiasms and expertise with students they may not normally teach
  • To equip students with a set of valuable skills and an approach to learning crucial for entry to the most competitive universities

Super Curriculum

The Scholarship Programme at Eltham College provides students access to the Super Curriculum as often referred to by Cambridge University.

  • Students benefit from having explored their chosen subject through wider reading outside the classroom  and enhancing what they study in the classroom
  • Students are able to read critically by thinking carefully about the arguments, assumptions and evidence presented by the author
  • Visits and trips are organised to museums, monuments, galleries and natural features, and students are encouraged to think analytically about nature, machinery or the built environment
  • No deadline pressure – students are free to follow their own interests