Senior School Life

The Senior School is divided into three sections:

  • The Lower School (Year 7 and 8)
  • Middle School (Year 9, 10 and 11)
  • Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13)

Lower School – Year 7 and 8

Students entering Eltham College Senior School in Year 7 will be placed in a form group of between 20 and 24 students and assigned a Form Tutor. This Form Tutor will be the primary point of contact as we work with parents to ensure that all students settle in well and are happy, as well as successful. The same Form Tutors continue with their form throughout both Lower School years; the Head of Lower School will be responsible for both year groups. Not only does this provide greater continuity of support, but they will also be responsible for the holistic care and progression of the students, looking after their pastoral and academic needs.

Middle School – Year 9 to Year 11

As with the Lower School, one Form Tutor will support the students throughout their time in Years 9, 10 and 11, enabling them to get to know each student’s individual strengths and needs and to work closely with parents. Form Tutors are given time to meet each student on an individual basis to talk about progress in all aspects of school life, which enables us to give them better holistic support as we prepare them for the crucial GCSE years. The Head of Middle School is supported by two Deputy Heads of Middle School who work together as a team to ensure that all students are given continual holistic support.

Pastoral Care

Eltham College has long had a reputation for excellent pastoral care. Our Christian foundation, the size of the school and the quality of staff has meant that we have always rightly placed a strong premium on valuing and supporting our students as individuals. We firmly believe that pastoral care is essential to the well-being of our students, and that a successful pastoral system not only helps to ensure that students are happy in their school environment but also is a crucial support to our academic system. Success and enjoyment at school can come only if students feel supported and that an interest is being shown in their overall development, not just their results.

The pastoral structure at Eltham College is designed to provide every student with support, help and guidance at a variety of levels.

In the Senior School, the Deputy Head is head of all pastoral care and works closely with a team of Heads of Section as well as the School Nurse, who all meet regularly. Each student is assigned to a small form group and the Tutor is the first person a student can turn to for advice. The Heads of Section support both the Tutors and the academic and pastoral welfare of the students.

Eltham College’s Anti-Bullying Guide has been created by Year 9 Anti-Bullying Ambassador, Miles.

Anti-Bullying Guide