Careers & Higher Education

Our students go on to read the degree courses they want, at the universities they choose, because they are bright and hard-working and and make the most of the careful, individual planning and support we offer.

We are committed to providing advice and information on both future careers and higher education, which best reflect our students’ abilities and aspirations.

Career guidance enables students to develop the knowledge and skills required to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures and equip students for a successful transition to the next stage of education or into the world of work. We aim to enable our students to become effective planners and managers of their own careers, in a rapidly changing world of learning and work.

Careers Research

It is really important that students undertake their own careers research to understand what options are available and how they lead to different opportunities in higher education and work.

Work Experience and Placements

Gaining work experience and undertaking placements allows students to find out about the world of work and whether a particular industry is of interest to them. All Year 11 students will be asked to organise work experience after their GCSEs and Sixth Form students are encouraged to undertake work experience and placements throughout the Sixth Form, as and when their studies allow.

The World of Work at 18

Whilst the majority of our students go into higher education from the Sixth Form, there are a small number who wish to move into the workplace following on from their A levels. We aim to ensure that these students are supported and encouraged throughout the application process for their chosen next steps.

Going to University in the UK

For those students applying for a university in the UK, there is a very wide and varied choice. Students are encouraged to attend open days, a small number of visits may be undertaken during school time, all other visits must be organised outside of school hours

Applying for Overseas Courses

A small number of our students consider the option to study overseas. Research into the courses available ensures that the right decision is made when choosing a college or university abroad.

Volunteering and Gap Years

An important aspect of gaining experience for UCAS personal statements and CVs is encouraging students to volunteer, either via Community Service in the Sixth Form, by taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme or by independently volunteering with an organisation outside of Eltham College. Gap Year planning is very important in order that students gain the best experience possible during their time out of education and work. Many transferrable skills are learnt during a well-planned Gap Year and can be very useful moving into the next stage of higher education or work.