Oxbridge Programme 2021/2022

This year we are replacing our usual Oxbridge Evening with a wealth of online material, allowing both students and parents to hear from a wide range of speakers, as well as access invaluable information from a variety of sources.

By clicking the link below you can hear from some of our current Oxbridge offer holders, as well as alumni at various stages of their Oxbridge journey. These short, informative films provide a useful insight into what lies ahead for prospective candidates in terms of applying for, and studying at, Oxford and Cambridge.

In addition, there are talks from students and admissions staff at Oxford and Cambridge universities, covering topics such as the application process, the collegiate system, what represents a successful candidate and how to make a competitive application.

We hope our contributors leave you better informed about the Oxbridge journey, including the necessary academic credentials, approach to learning and commitment required to make a successful application. During the Summer Term, the Oxbridge Team will continue to engage with students, providing Personal Statement Writing and Interview Preparation Workshops, as well as subject specific extension sessions and admissions test support. At the end of term, we will also be providing guidance on how to make the most of the Summer holiday with regards to effective Oxbridge preparation.

The brochure below provides further details of the Oxbridge Programme in both Lower and Upper Sixth Form.

Oxbridge Open Days

Once again, both Oxford and Cambridge will be hosting their Summer Open Days online this year. Details of these events, for which booking is required, can be found here:

University of Cambridge Open Days

University of Oxford Open Days

Other Useful Resources

Students can access information, updates and resources on the Oxbridge Microsoft Team. Here are just a few examples of the plethora of helpful material available to support a successful application:

Unifrog Oxbridge Tool

Choosing an Oxford College

Choosing a Cambridge College

OXPLORE, Home of Big Questions

HE+, exciting super curricular activities

Writing an Oxbridge Personal Statement

What to expect at an Oxford Interview

What to expect at a Cambridge interview