Work experience

With universities and apprenticeship providers placing increasing value on the acquisition of employability skills, we launched our Lower Sixth Form work experience programme in 2019. Providing students with the opportunity to secure a one- or two-week placement with an employer, the programme enables them to develop invaluable transferrable skills, and perhaps test-drive a potential future career, prior to submitting their post-18 applications.

However, one year later, thanks to the pandemic, we were faced with the challenge of all physical placements inevitably being cancelled. Nevertheless, we were determined that our students should not miss the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the world of work and set about delivering our very first virtual work experience week.

In 2020 and 2021, with the support of employers, our incredible alumni community, parents and other trusted partners in our network, we were able to provide the Lower Sixth Form with a variety of work-related projects that could be completed remotely across the course of the week. These included assignments from a range of popular employment sectors such as Medicine, Law, Financial Services, Engineering, Data Science, Media, Property and the Arts.

The quality of the projects produced, and the feedback received from employers, demonstrated an impressive level of commitment, creativity and resilience among the students. We are extremely proud of the quality of their work and have showcased some examples below.

Moving forward, given the easing of Covid restrictions, but mindful that many workplaces may take some time to return to “normal”, we will be offering a work experience week in 2022 that combines both physical placements where available, with an excellent choice of remote projects, all of which offer interaction with the employer and feedback upon completion.

2020 Work Experience Case Studies