Celebrating 40 Years of Girls at Eltham

Girls have been an integral part of Eltham College for the past four decades, involved and excelling in every area of school life. From the classroom to the sports field and from the science lab to the theatre, Eltham College girls have flourished and made key contributions to the life of the school. Our students speak of relishing the opportunities to excel in a competitive and compassionate environment, to broaden their horizons, to explore new options and to take up leadership roles. Most of all, they speak about being able to do these things as part of a diverse, close-knit, outward looking community which has supported, stretched and challenged them in preparation for life beyond school.

Find out where some of our recent leavers have gone on to and about those who left Eltham College some time ago and are now excelling in their respective fields. As we move to full coeducation for 2020, we hope this small snapshot will show you how girls have always flourished at Eltham College and in their lives beyond the school.

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