Our teaching is excellent, thorough and carefully designed to prepare our students for their examinations. We help our students to choose A level subjects carefully, encouraging them to pick subjects that spark their interest, make them want to know more, and in which they’re likely to succeed.

We don’t believe in cramming: throughout Sixth Form our students develop learning skills that can be transferred to any situation throughout their life. They become flexible, independent, motivated and curious. We encourage their desire to learn and to explore outside the constraints of the syllabus.

Most students begin with four subjects, though exceptional musicians and elite sportsmen and women may start on three to allow greater time for rehearsals and training. Scientists and Mathematicians may start on five A levels. Our students don’t have to specialise in the arts or sciences but can combine subjects across disciplines if they wish.

To support their studies they can join specialist subject societies and they will go on field trips, cultural visits and exchanges. Our linguists go to France, Spain, Germany and China, our physicists to CERN, and our Politics students visit High Court and Parliament.

A level Options Booklet – 2017 – 18