Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a standalone qualification and is taken by students in addition to their A level subjects. It is a process based qualification where students are expected to develop, enhance and demonstrate a skill set that will prove invaluable as they make their move to Higher Education and beyond.

The project is student driven and therefore gives opportunities for independent study; to research and explore their own specialised topic. This could be an extension of their A level subjects or a title which they can tailor to their individual needs and aspirations. The outcome of the project can be a 5000 word dissertation or an artefact accompanied by a 1000 word report.

At the beginning of the EPQ process each student will be allocated a supervisor to help and support them throughout the project. They will meet at regular intervals to discuss progress and complete the production log. The supervisor will also be present at the students’ presentation at the end of the project. There is also a taught element to the project which is delivered throughout to help with the academic and personal skills needed to complete the EPQ. This element of the course includes a visit to a university library, allowing access to all of the resources that are available to add breath to their research.

The EPQ provides students with the opportunity to:

  • understand and use research skills
  • have a significant input to the choice and design of an Extended Project and take responsibility for this
  • develop and improve their own learning and performance as critical, reflective and independent students
  • develop and apply decision-making and, where appropriate, problem solving skills
  • extend their planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills
  • where appropriate, develop as e-confident students and apply new technologies in their studies
  • develop and apply skills creatively, demonstrating initiative and enterprise
  • use their learning experiences to support their personal aspirations for further study and career development
  • transfer skills developed as part of the Extended Project to other areas of study

Highly regarded by universities, the EPQ is increasingly taken into account when making offers and it will certainly make students stand out from others who have not undertaken the project.

Students will follow the AQA Extended Project Qualification Level 3 specification.