German has a long tradition of success at Eltham College and it can be combined with any subject.


At Eltham College we follow the AQA languages A level linear course. In the Lower Sixth, students will learn a range of topics about which they will already have considerable knowledge and opinions (family, digital world, youth culture) but also discover new topics about the German-speaking world,  for instance traditions, art and the capital Berlin. We will also watch and discuss a German film together: Good-bye Lenin! by Wolfgang Becker. Students will discuss these subjects and write essays about them.

In the Upper Sixth, things get more serious as we consider racism, politics, the environment, Germany’s role in the EU, immigration and historical topic of the German reunification. Students will also have the opportunity to study a book or play of your choosing (from the list provided by AQA). Past choices include ‘Die Verwandlung’ (Metamorphosis) by Kafka, and ‘Der Besuch der alten Dame’ by Dürrenmatt.

Trips, activities and clubs

A period of time spent abroad is an integral part of Sixth Form German. A trip to the capital of Berlin will be offered in the Easter Holidays. This is highly recommended for all Sixth Form students.

The department has an extensive collection of recent German DVDs. As well as the weighty, historical favourites, we have more light-hearted fare. Students are encouraged to watch these termly and to discuss them in class.

Extra classes are taught in preparation for university entrance.


  • Ms C Franz MA (Head of German)
  • Mr F Meier MA (Assistant Head – Head of Lower School)
  • Mrs Hazeldine (Language Assistant)