Students Awarded Colours in Whole School Assembly

On Monday 22 January during a whole assembly, students were awarded Full, Half and College colours based on their performances and achievements from the Michaelmas Term.

Full colours are awarded for excellence in school performances: the recipients’ talents will have stood out and will have made a significant contribution to the success of the team/group/performance/exhibition.

Full Colours 
RugbyEd Thomson
Callum Lach
Brendon Paulsen
Joshua Chanthrakumaran
Owen Davies
MusicEmily Pugh
Jake Griffin
James Young
DramaMilly Austen
Conor Good
Emmanuel Sonuga

Half colours are awarded for potential to achieve excellence, and to encourage students to push on towards Full colours in future years.

Half Colours 
RugbyOllie Colgate
Sam Hutchings
Nick Dutton
Jack French
HockeyCaitlin Chick
Jess Norton Raybould
Millie Richardson

Music Conor Reynolds
Matthew Martin
Jess Norton Raybould
Amy Fidler
Johnathan Bostock
John Phillips
ArtCaitlin Cole
Emelia Hughes
Anna McAnallen
Victoria Tipping
Solomia Chaban
Benjamin Williams
Alex Biss
DramaOliver Stanton
Toby Cogswell
Jamie Humphrey
Seb DePury
Millie Richardson
Vanessa Mabelle

College colours are awarded for commitment, co-operation and the promotion of a positive attitiude to school sport or the arts in school.

College Colours 
Rugby George Salter
Chiz Peters
George Jackson
HockeyCharlotte Byrne
MusicTom Selway
Alex Khanna
Andrew Morton
Harvey Geh
ArtLuke Beesley
Thomas Millwaters
Gianluca Nella
DramaEthan Wells
Lewis Tuck
Tom Selway
Arran Khanna