The House Drama results are in…

The much-anticipated House Drama competition took place on Thursday 30 January, in which students went head-to-head to compete for a number of coveted awards. The theme for this year’s competition was “journeys” and each house had the opportunity to perform either a published or an original play. Although the plays are directed by Sixth Form students, the House Drama competition includes students from Year 7 through to Upper Sixth.

Mrs Robinson, Mr Jenkins, Mr Adams and Ms Beveridge had a tough decision to make, but students were awarded as follows:

  • Best Male Actor: Aryan (Lower Sixth)
  • Best Female Actor: Emily (Lower Sixth)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Middle School): Charlie (Year 11)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Lower School): Charlie (Year 7)
  • Best Design: Ben (Year 11) and Ethan (Lower Sixth)
  • Best Director: Jamie (Upper Sixth)
  • Best Overall Performance: Livingstone with Black Rocks