Virtual reality and coding workshop at the Junior School

A Sinclair ZX Spectrum is, in computing terms, ‘a thing of the past’. Many people would say that Virtual Reality (VR) in junior schools is ‘a thing of the future’, however, yesterday at Eltham College Junior School, VR was very much ‘a thing of the present.’

Code Kids work with students exploring VR by coding their own virtual 3D worlds. They enrich the curriculum bringing hands-on learning into the classroom through robotics and coding, allowing students access to state of the art hi-tech in a relaxed and exciting way.

Their coding sessions are primarily engineered to help children with literacy, maths and science. But the skills that they learn are transferable to subjects across the curriculum and beyond. Hands-on approaches in education have been proven to help children learn better and increase attention and attainment – “I do, and I understand.”

Monty (Year 4):

“This was the best workshop I have ever been to! It was wicked!”