Understanding a range of career and life pathways, developing the skills need for independence and understanding the wider world. 

Being an Effective Learner and Setting Personal Goals Making Choices 1 – Options and Transition to Year 10 Emergency First Aid
Money Matters - personal finance, including earning money, credit and debt Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing
Risk and Consequence – consider different types of “risky” behaviour, and consider the consequences of these types of behaviour, including in relation to the law Personal Safety and Responsible Attitudes to Drugs and Alcohol
Making Choices 2 – A-level Options and Transition to Sixth Form Travel Safety in the UK and Abroad
Developing Scholarship – identifying the values that can be used to identify higher education pathways, and cultivating scholarship in order to achieve HE goals Managing Personal Finances
Personal Safety and Emergency Aid - First aid responses for a range of situations, including CPR, and how to maintain personal safety Decision-making – Higher Education and Careers
Managing Change – “New Places, New Faces”