Year 7 Rocket Car Competition

On Thursday 8 March 2018, Year 7 held a STEM competition; who could build the faster solid-fuel rocket car out of modelling foam. Over a two-week period, several teams from each Year 7 form had to design and build fast and aerodynamic rocket cars based on the idea of Bloodhound SSC (the fastest car in the world). It was simple; shape your foam into the most efficient and aerodynamic outline and then put a rocket in and hope for the fastest time. The competition was tough as there were over 22 teams in total.

The rocket cars were finally starting to set off. This was not a normal race but a race against time itself as the cars were run individually over a three metre, timed course. Full safety precautions were observed, as powerful rockets powered the cars and were extremely dangerous. As soon as the first car went off everyone went wild. Sadly, one car did not make it to the end because it smashed into the speed check barrier whilst starting. Finally, after all 22 cars had gone through we had an overnight wait for the results:

1st Dolphin 69.1ms

2nd Ugandual Knukkles 71.2ms

3rd The Goochy Gang 72.9ms

Team Dolphin will certainly be going on to the next round of the competition and there is a possibility that the other two teams will be joining them also.

Written by: Tom Riley, Year 7