Fees for 2016/2017

  • Tuition Senior School and Sixth Form: £5,415 per term (or £1,624.50 per month for 10 months)

  • Tuition Junior School: £4,780 per term (or £1,434 per month for 10 months)

  • Lunch: £262 per term

  • School Coaches: £213 per term for a single fare/£425 per term return

  • Exams: These will reflect the exact cost from the examination boards and, as such, have not yet been published for the next academic year.

  • Music - a 30 minute individual music lesson will be £18.75 per lesson. - a 30 minute group Music Theory lesson will be £84 per term.

A termly fee of £10 will be added to all school bills for those pupils receiving instrumental/vocal tuition. This facility fee will be used to help offset the costs of ensemble coaching and concert fees and to maintain the school's stock of musical instruments.

A Commitment Payment of £2,500 (£1,500 for Sixth Form) is payable at the time of accepting a place at Eltham College. Should the accepted place not be taken up, an account for a term’s fees (minus commitment payment) will, nevertheless, be payable.

All fees and charges are payable by Direct Debit. Payment of tuition fees may be made either termly on 1 September, 1 January and 1 April, or by ten consecutive monthly instalments commencing on 1 August. Sundry charges are collected separately on 1 September, 1 January and 1 April. A discount is provided for fees paid in advance. Please contact the Bursary for details.

The level of fees is reviewed in March each year. The Governors reserve the right to vary tuition and other charges from time to time. Fees are expected to be paid promptly. Outstanding debts will be recovered by the school, including interest and legal fees where necessary.

School Fees Plan

It is advisable to plan ahead to meet the cost of school fees. Good independent advice is vital. The Finance Bursar is always available to answer queries.


A pupil’s attendance at Eltham College shall be terminated only by the parent giving a full term’s notice in writing to the Headmaster, prior to the beginning of the last school term to be attended by the pupil, or alternatively by payment of the fees for a full term. A term’s notice of withdrawal from private music tuition is required and the termly fee will be charged if due notice is not given. Half a term’s notice of withdrawal from lunches and from the school coach service is required and the termly fee will be charged if due notice is not given.