All pupils study History in their form in Years 7 to 9 before it becomes an optional subject in Years 10 and 11. The department realises that when pupils arrive at Eltham College they will have varying experiences of the subject so we try to offer the pupil a reasonably broad based History curriculum.

An effort has been made to frame a course of study covering British, European and World History as well as exposing pupils to different types of History- political, cultural, military, social and economic.


History TripLessons aim to encourage pupils to learn about the past in a variety of different ways. Group work, pair work, role-plays, the evaluation of primary evidence, class trials or historical debates are all used to encourage learning. Homework will test a wide range of historical skills including note taking, essays, project work, preparation for role plays or debates and historical evidence and source work.


Years 7 to 9

  • In Years 7 to 9, pupils have three lessons a week of History and once piece of homework. The structure of the course is broadly chronological through the first three years at the school.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

The Norman Conquest 

Richard III and the Princes in the Tower

The Agricultural Revolution

Henry and Becket

The War of the Roses

The Industrial Revolution

King John and Magna Carta

The Reformation in England

The Causes of the First World War

The Black Death

The Spanish Armada

The Events and Battles of the First World War

The Peasants Revolt

Independent Research Project

The Treaty of Versailles

The English Civil War 

  • Pupils in Years 7 and 8 are also invited to take part in the Lower School History Competition which runs in Lent Term. Pupils are asked to produce a documentary video about a Historical Mystery of their choice, either on their own or in groups (up to a maximum of 4). The documentaries need to include information about the events, use source evidence and come to a judgement about what actually happened. The History Competition runs from Years 3 to 8, with Year 3 and 4 pupils producing a magazine article about a topic. In the Senior School, the History Competition is overseen by Mr Chesterton, assisted by Mr Wearn.   


  • History is an option from Year 10 onwards though pupils have to do at least one Humanity subject at this stage. In fact many students do both History and Geography. There is a good take up for History and the department runs four sets in Year 10 and three in Year 11.

  • We follow Edexcel’s Modern European and World History course (Syllabus A).


  • The department also runs a Model United Nations Society, open for all pupils from Year 10 to the Upper Sixth. Run by a committee of students, the Model United Nations has about 40 members who have discussed and debated a wide range of issues, including the future of United Nations Peacekeeping missions, overseen by Mr Wearn.


  • History TripThe department runs two school trips;

    • one in Year 7 to Bodiam Castle to support the Castle’s work in that year

    • one in Year 9 to either Ypres or the Somme to look at the Great War Battlefields


The department is staffed by: